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    Manufacturer  [336] 
    Type of integrated...  [336] 
    Case  [336] 
    Mounting  [336] 
    Interface  [293] 
    Integrated circuit...  [275] 
    Supply voltage  [250] 
    Operating voltage  [241] 
    Family  [233] 
    SRAM memory capacity  [233] 
    Kind of architecture  [210] 
    Operating temperature  [206] 
    Kind of package  [188] 
    Clock frequency  [184] 
    Flash memory capacity  [184] 
    Number of external...  [165] 
    Number of PWM channels  [163] 
    Number of comparators  [161] 
    Ciphering  [156] 
    Number of 32bit timers  [156] 
    Number of 16bit timers  [151] 
    Number of inputs/outputs  [135] 
    Number of input capture...  [125] 
    Number of output compare...  [125] 
    Number of 12bit D/A...  [105] 
    Tolerance  [103] 
    USB speed  [84] 
    Number of 12bit A/D...  [83] 
    Temperature measuring...  [81] 
    Kind of temperature...  [80] 
    Quantity in package  [79] 
    Number of cores  [77] 
    Number of 10bit A/D...  [58] 
    Number of 8bit timers  [53] 
    Number of channels  [51] 
    Program memory  [49] 
    Number of 16bit A/D...  [26] 
    Number of capacitive...  [26]