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    Catalogue >Passives >Suppression filters

    Number of products that meet the following criteria: 676

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    Manufacturer  [675] 
    Type of filter  [676] 
    Operating voltage  [646] 
    Max. operating current  [644] 
    Operating temperature  [573] 
    Body dimensions  [508] 
    Leads  [475] 
    Filter series  [324] 
    Mounting  [296] 
    Enclosure material  [291] 
    Capacitance Cx  [277] 
    Leakage current  [235] 
    Capacitance Cy  [212] 
    Kind of filter  [178] 
    Number of poles  [147] 
    Resistance  [137] 
    Inductance of individual...  [134] 
    Inductance  [92] 
    Min. insulation...  [92] 
    Tolerance  [79] 
    Case - mm  [65] 
    Case - inch  [61] 
    Manufacturer series  [59] 
    Mounting holes pitch  [54] 
    Alias  [37]