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H05RR-F rubber sheathed cables by LAPP KABEL


H05RR-F rubber sheathed cables by LAPP KABEL

H05RR-F rubber sheathed cables by LAPP KABEL
TME offer now includes H05RR-F rubber sheathed cables for low mechanical load applications in household appliances, as well as office and at home portable and handheld devices.

LAPP KABEL cables are intended for indoor use, however, not for powering industrial hand tools. They are ozone resistant and flame-retardant. TME offer includes 2, 3, 4 and 5-core cables with cross sections ranging from 0.75m2 to 2.5mm2. The H05RR-F cables by LAPP KABEL feature pure copper strand and operate at 300/500V within the temperature range of -25°C - 60°C. They have coloured cores without colour repetition and a yellow-green protective conductor (for cables with at least 3 cores).

Discover the full offer of rubber sheathed H05RR-F cables by LAPP KABEL available at TME.

Symbol Description
H05RR-F-2X0.75 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 2x0.75mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V
H05RR-F-2X1 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 2x1mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V
H05RR-F-2X1.5 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 2x1.5mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V
H05RR-F-2X2.5 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 2x2.5mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V
H05RR-F-3G0.75 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 3G0.75mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V
H05RR-F-3G1 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 3G1mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V
H05RR-F-3G1.5 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 3G1.5mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V
H05RR-F-3G2.5 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 3G2.5mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V
H05RR-F-4G1.5 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 4G1.5mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V
H05RR-F-4G2.5 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 4G2.5mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V
H05RR-F-5G1.5 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 5G1.5mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V
H05RR-F-5G2.5 Cable; H05RR-F; stranded; Cu; 5G2.5mm2; rubber; black; 300/500V


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