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New 32-bit PIC32MM Microchip microcontrollers

New 32-bit PIC32MM Microchip microcontrollers

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MICROCHIP PIC32MM microcontrollers have been designed as a link between the popular 16-bit PIC24F ICs (with low power consumption, XLP) and highly efficient 32-bit PIC32MX microcontrollers.

Basic parameters of the new PIC32MM family:

  • 32-bit RISC microAptivTM core with 5-step instruction queueing (pipeline);
  • set of CIPs (Core Independent Peripherals) known from 8-bit PIC microcontrollers, used for the very first time in PIC32 microcontrollers;
  • up to 64kB Flash memory, up to 8kB data RAM;
  • 8 PWM outputs;
  • power consumption in sleep mode: 500nA;
  • power supply range: 2.0-3.6VDC;
  • packages: DIP/SOIC/SSOP/QFN with 20/28/36(40) pins.

For prototyping, a Plug-In module (MA320020) with the 32MM0064GPL036-IMV microcontroller is available. It co-operates with the EXPLORER 16/32 (DM240001-3) development board.

PIC32MM microcontrollers are clocked at 25MHz and offer performance of up to 37 MIPS. They may be applied in IoT applications, consumer electronics, industrial automation, motor control, etc.

Symbol Description
32MM0064GPL020-IML PIC microcontroller; 25MHz; SMD; QFN20
32MM0064GPL020-ISS PIC microcontroller; 25MHz; SMD; SSOP20
32MM0064GPL028-ISO PIC microcontroller; 25MHz; SMD; SO28
32MM0064GPL028-ISP PIC microcontroller; 25MHz; SMD; DIP28
32MM0064GPL028-ISS PIC microcontroller; 25MHz; SMD; SSOP28
32MM0064GPL036-IMV PIC microcontroller; 25MHz; SMD; UQFN40
Nowe 32-bitowe mikrokontrolery serii PIC32MM Microchip


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