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Phonocar Alpha high quality car loudspeakers

Phonocar Alpha high quality car loudspeakers

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Car loudspeakers manufactured by the Italian company PHONOCAR, a world’s leader of car audio components, are one of the best loudspeakers dedicated to car audio equipment. Their high standard and quality have been confirmed by clear and linear sound reproduction and excellent sound.

Loudspeaker type: three - way
Max power: 120 W
Efficiency: 90 dB
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Transmission band: 65 - 18000 Hz
Loudspeaker’s size: 6” x 9”
Depth: 80 mm
Membrane: polypropylene
Stainless loudspeaker’s basket.

The kit also includes:
- two loudspeakers 6” x 9”
- two masking frames
- two sets of camping screws
- loudspeaker’s cables

Symbol Description
ALPHA66020 Car loudspeakers; two-way; 100mm; 60W
ALPHA66021 Car loudspeakers; two-way; 4"x6"; 60W
ALPHA66023 Car loudspeakers; two-way; 130mm; 60W
ALPHA66026 Car loudspeakers; two-way; 165mm; 60W
ALPHA66035 Car loudspeakers; three-way; 6"x9"; 120W
ALPHA66120 Car loudspeakers; 87mm; 40W
ALPHA66121 Car loudspeakers; 100mm; 40W
ALPHA66123 Car loudspeakers; 130mm; 50W
ALPHA66126 Car loudspeakers; 165mm; 60W


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