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Magnetic field sensors from Nanopower series

Magnetic field sensors from Nanopower series

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Miniature magnetoresistive sensors from nanopower series are designed to detect small magnetic fields, regardless of polarization. These state-of-the-art integrated circuits are characterised by ultralow power consumption, high sensitivity, and low hysteresis. Due to high resolution, they can be used in applications requiring high accuracy, e.g. in metrology. These sensors can also be used instead of traditional Hall effect sensors.

Manufacturer: HONEYWELL
Series Nanopower
Sensor type magnetic field sensor
Specific type omnipolar
Operation mode magneto-resistive
Operating temperature -40...85°C
Symbol Supply voltage Measuring range Operating current Package
[V DC] [Gs] [nA]
SM351LT 1,65...5,5 -7...7 360 SOT23
SM353LT 1,65...5,5 -14...14 310 SOT23


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