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Headset cables from Tasker

Headset cables from Tasker

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High cable quality, achieved by using a tinned oxygen-free copper stranded wire, is a distinguishing factor of headset cables from the leading Italian manufacturer TASKER.

Key features of TASKER cables:

  • Low core resistance;
  • Bending flexibility.

An additional benefit of selected items is Kevlar reinforcement, Nylon or copper wire braid that efficiently protects against electromagnetic interference. TASKER cables come in two colours – black or transparent.

They are mainly used in:

  • Headsets,
  • Instrument cabling,
  • Manufacturing cables with Mini-Jack and Mini-XLR connectors.

Symbol Description
TAS-TSK1140 Cable: headset; stranded; 1x0.05mm2; OFC, transparent; Ø1.7mm
TAS-TSK1142 Cable: headset; stranded; 1x0.06mm2; OFC, black; Ø2mm; 50m
TAS-TSK1144 Cable: headset; stranded; 2x0.05mm2; OFC, transparent; Ø2.3mm
TAS-TSK1146 Cable: headset; stranded; 3x0.04mm2; OFC, black; Ø1.6mm; 50m
TAS-TSK1147 Cable: headset; stranded; 4x0.08mm2; OFC, black; Ø2mm; 50m
TAS-TSK1148 Cable: headset; stranded; 2x0.20mm2; OFC, black; 1.4x2.8mm; 50m


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