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039-91401-0400-400V CROMPTON - TE CONNECTIVITY

Synchronization meter; digital,mounting; on panel; LED; 400V

TME Symbol: 244-14AG-02
Manufacturer part number: 039-91401-0400-400V
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Additional information
Technical Information (1)
synchronization meter
digital, mounting
on panel
phase synchronization
  • Gross weight: 250 g
  • Manufacturer part number: 039-91401-0400-400V
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Articles: 244-14AG-02

CROMPTON - TE CONNECTIVITY panel meters are high class measurement devices for almost every electronic quantity (voltage, current, frequency, reactive and active power, phase angle, phase sequence, phase synchronization, power factor). They come in 48, 72 and 96mm size compliant with DIN... Read more »
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