Resistor: metal oxide; THT; 1kΩ; 5W; ±5%; Ø6x17mm; axial


Resistor: metal oxide; THT; 1kΩ; 5W; ±5%; Ø6x17mm; axial ROH

TME Symbol: MOF5WS-1K
Manufacturer part number: MOF5WS-1K
Manufacturer: SR PASSIVES
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Min. amount: 20
Multiplicity: 10
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metal oxide
  • Gross weight: 1.514 g
Multiplicity: 1
Min. amount: 1
Tool: scraper; Mat: plastic; L: 140mm | INFO
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Multiplicity: 1
Min. amount: 1
Tool: scraper; Mat: plastic; L: 140mm; Blade tip shape: shovel | INFO
Manufacturer: IDEAL-TEK Manufacturer part number: MPT3.CP
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Multiplicity: 1
Min. amount: 1
Tool: for shaping leads; for axial components | INFO
Manufacturer: DONAU
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Multiplicity: 1
Min. amount: 1
Tool: forming machine; for axial components; crank drive | INFO
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Type of tools set: scrapers and brushes (2)
Multiplicity: 1
Min. amount: 1
Scrapers and brushes; Pcs: 6; 180mm | INFO
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How to safely discharge a capacitor?

How does a capacitor work;
  • What are capacitor parameters;
  • How to discharge a capacitor.
  • How does a capacitor work?

    Capacitors are a system of two electrodes separated by dielectric material, in which electric charges of the same value and opposite potentials are accumulated. There are many types of capacitors that can be divided into several subtypes. The simplest of them are made of two metal elements, between which dielectric material is placed – e.g. air, ceramic material or impregnated paper. These metal elements are called plates and are used to store electrical energy.

    Voltage supply to the capacitor plates begins the process of electricity accumulation – just like in the case of battery cells. When the voltage source is disconnected due to electrostatic attraction, the electrical charge remains on the plates of the capacitor. The accumulated charges are of equal value but have opposite potentials.

    Safe discharge of the capacitor is a process that is similar to charging the capacitor. When DC voltage (U) is applied to capacitor terminals with a specific capacity, charge (Q) is stored in the capacitor, which is the product of the capacitance and the voltage. The capacitance is measured in farads. Short circuit of a charged capacitor entails a great risk of burning out the electronic component and other circuit elements. It also poses a danger of electrocution and fire. The greater the capacitance and voltage of the capacitor, the greater the damage caused in the event of a short circuit.... Read more »

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