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Pro forma invoice panel

This panel contains all pro forma invoices that were issued, but were not paid. They should be paid within 7 days from the date of issue.

The order on a given pro forma invoice will be sent as soon as the amount due is credited to TME's account.

If the payment is not recorded within 7 days, your order will be cancelled.

Editing and deleting a pro forma invoice

Editing a pro forma invoice is only possible before it is paid. In order to do so, open a given pro forma invoice and press the button”cancel pro forma invoice“ to withdraw products from the order. Then you can make the necessary changes. Remember, however, that in this way you cancel the previous pro forma invoice, and you have to create a new one instead.

You can also delete a pro forma invoice by pressing the button”delete order” . However, in this case both the invoice itself and the entire order are deleted.

You can also use the option of deleting the pro forma invoice and transferring the order to your Favourites. The pro forma invoice is then deleted and the order is transferred back to Favourites, from where it can be transferred back to the shopping cart.

Payment methods

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