What is Parking?

Parking has been developed in order to facilitate purchasing in TME’s online shop.
In the parking, there are all products selected by you, which haven’t been finally ordered. It helps to track the history of made choices without the necessity of searching the whole product tree or using a browser. You can use the Parking after logging into the system.

Single products can be added from the catalogue level as well as whole orders which have not been completed, can be transferred to the Parking by means of “Complete the Order” button.

Parking is also available from the Quick Buy level. Prepared products can be transferred together with selected quantities to the parking without adding them to the order.

While "parking" products, you should select or create a new folder to which selected products will be moved. Such grouping will allow easy management of products and will improve searching process.

It should be noted that leaving products in the parking does not mean that those products will be reserved in the warehouse, what is more, it does not guarantee that the prices valid at the moment of parking products, will be valid thereafter, at the moment of placing an order.


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