Tree index

The list of groups facilitating the search of a definite component is placed in the left part of the catalogue page.

It is possible to choose the way of showing it in the form of:

  • a three-level tree,
  • a alphabetical list,
  • a picture index.

with the use of buttons placed under the search engine frame.

You can expand and collapse the tree's branches with graphical signs placed on the left side of the groups' names. Collapsing of the expanded branches is also possible with the usage of an arrow, placed under the search engine frame.

After having marked the chosen group, in the centre of the page there will appear a list of products from the group.

Next to the descriptions of products shown as the result of inquiry put in the search engine window there is a button "Group". This is the button leading to the group that includes the searched product. The described function is especially helpful during the search of products similar to that just shown as the search result.


To view products, please select manufacturer or category.

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