Credit limit

Every customer registered in the TME sale system has their defined credit limit.

The credit limit can be reduced by:

  • unpaid invoices value (regardless if their deadline has expired)
  • placed, but not realized orders’ value (regardless if the goods are in stock or not)

Information about exceeding the limit can be seen after you log in or during an order creation.

If you exceed the limit while ordering, delivery dates confirmed by the system may be cancelled and an appropriate statement may be seen. The order will be saved in the system, but will not be realized until the sum of unpaid invoices and not realized orders fall within the defined limit.

To avoid exceeding your credit limit, please pay all your invoices with expired deadlines and if it does not help, contact the Export Department.

When your credit limit is unexceeded again, an appropriate statement will be seen and the system will confirm the delivery dates of particular goods again.


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