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Defining your own file format

Quick Buy also allows you to define custom file format. To create it, click the button “add new format” and then define your parameters:

  • file format name,
  • separators between cells,
  • delimiters, 
  • row number of the start symbols, 
  • column number with symbol,
  • column number with amount.

Previously added formats may be edit in the “Import formats” tab.

To use a previously created file format select "custom format” in the selection list and then update the appropriate file.

After importing the products into Quick Buy, a table will appear with all the products added so far.

If you incorrectly entered a line, a message will be displayed indicating the type of error. You must correct the wrong line and then accept the changes by pressing "enter" or the diskette icon located at the end of the corrected row.

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