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The on-line orders system within the TME’s service works at real time, thanks to which it is immediately (at the moment of placing the order) possible to make a reservation for the selected product in the warehouse what it will be automatically noted in the on-line service.

If you order a product, it will be reserved for you.

You can make changes in quantity in the cart, by adding and removing items from the not closed order, before you direct them to realization with the “finish the order” button.

To change the number of ordered products, enter the correct number in the “new quantity” field and confirm it with the diskette icon.
In order to remove a product from the “new quantity” field key in “0” and confirm with the diskette icon.
To remove a product from the order, key in “0” in the “new quantity” and confirm it with the diskette button or use the “x” present by each item in the order.

It is also possible to change the selected completeness of the given item in the cart.

It is not possible to change the quantity of the product from the offer or in the pro forma invoice.

It is also possible to freely modify the order header, that is:

  • necessary addresses for placing an order,
  • number of a Customer’s order,
  • an order realization date,
  • NIP/VAT EU numbers,
  • form of shipment,
  • form of payment

Finishing the order directs it to immediate realization in the warehouse. In case when not all ordered goods are available in our warehouse and the order is realized in batches, TME bears costs of sending overdue goods. However we add transport costs to the deliveries, which include goods from a new order as well as overdue goods from previous orders.

Edition of a not realized order is also possible in the “Not delivered products” panel.

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