Information on products

Each product is presented in the catalogue according to a definite scheme that includes:

  • symbol,
  • product picture,
  • customer’s symbol (if there is a customer and if is logged in),
  • description,
  • technical information in the form of HTML and PDF files,
  • multiplicity (the lowest indivisible amount possible to be ordered),
  • minimum amount to be ordered,
  • stock on hand (for not logged in customers visible after clicking on the link),
  • quantity net or gross prices in a given currency (all the discounts can be seen after logging in),
  • a producer,
  • information on similar products,
  • information on the offer for a given product,
  • delivery time (option available to logged in customers),
  • information about new products, promotion and sales

Next to the descriptions of products shown as the result of inquiry put in the search engine window there is a button "Group" . This button leads to the group that includes the searched product. The described function is especially helpful during the search of products similar to that just shown as the search result.

In the product line there is also an icon enabling transfer of a given product to the Parking.


To view products, please select manufacturer or category.

Quick Buy

symbol of product ordered quantity

Other options of Quick Buy


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