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The quality policy


Łódź 16.06.2011

The most important criteria of the TME's business operation is to achieve the leading position in the area of distribution of electronic and electromechanical elements as well as shop equipment and its constant strengthening on the Central, Eastern and Northern Europe markets. The company strives for achieving the position of the "First Choice" company, offering still wider and wider assortment of products and services of quality meeting the needs of our present as well as future customers.

TME pursues a policy of a sustainable development that presumes conscious and properly fashioned relationship between economical growth, environmental care and human health.

Ensuring quality and its constant improvement is an essential element of processes taking place in all organizational units across Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

Our quality policy is realized through:

  • developing the quality system through emphasizing its efficiency, effectiveness, analysis and constant improvement;
  • obeying legal and other requirements and taking environment – friendly initiatives that can be applied in our business activity;
  • introducing and implementing chemical substances management and control policy;
  • establishing with the customers and suppliers stable trade relations based on partnership that let us meet their requirements;
  • increasing direct contacts with customers by organizing marketing trips, conferences and going to fairs to meet the present and future customers' needs, taking into account specific character of particular markets;
  • customizing and specializing the TME's range of products to the needs of present and future markets;
  • improving the company structure from the orders realization punctuality point of view;
  • keeping the realization from the TME's warehouse on the reached level;
  • analysis of claims notifications to remove sources of errors which lead to claims;
  • motivating and constant improving TME's employees qualifications to make their activities which influence the quality conscious and responsible, and informing them about environmental protection to encourage their pro-ecological activity.

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