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    Switch: emergency stop; Stabl.pos: 2; NC x2; IP65; Pos: 2; -10÷55°C
    | INFO | PDF
    Manufacturer: OMRON
    Manufacturer part number: A165E-S-02
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    Multiplicity: 1
    Min. amount: 1


    Microswitch TACT; SPST-NO; Pos: 2; 0.05A/24VDC; THT; none; 2.25N
    | INFO | PDF
    Manufacturer: OMRON OCB
    Manufacturer part number: B3W-1152
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    Multiplicity: 1
    Min. amount: 5


    Switch: main cam switch; 25A; OFF-ON; Mounting: in housing; 13kW
    | INFO | PDF
    Manufacturer: EATON ELECTRIC
    Manufacturer part number: P1-25/I2/SVB/HI11
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    Multiplicity: 1
    Min. amount: 1


    Switch: foot; Stabl.pos: 1; SPST-NO + SPST-NC; 6A/250VAC; IP53
    | INFO | PDF
    Manufacturer: PIZZATO ELETTRICA
    Manufacturer part number: PX 10110
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    Multiplicity: 1
    Min. amount: 1
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