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Linecard - ABB

ABB is a leader in the field of power and automation technologies that enable power plants, industrial clients, and transport and infrastructure companies to increase their efficiency while minimizing negative impact on the environment.

ABB Group employs ca. 135,000 people in nearly 100 countries throughout the world.

TME’s offer includes a wide range of ABB solutions for low and medium voltages for connecting, protecting, controlling and measuring a broad range of electrical systems, such as:

  • a complete range of modular apparatus, including: installation circuit breakers with overcurrent protection, circuit breakers with increased short-circuit protection, residual current circuit breakers, surge protectors, modular contactors, installation relays, energy meters, and network analysers;
  • enclosures and switchboards for pre-fabrication, including: energy distribution enclosures, automation enclosures, installation cabinets: in-wall, surface-mounted, and airtight, and installation boxes;
  • desktop equipment, including: control and signal lamps, monostable and bistable buttons, concealed and convex, machine buttons and emergency switches, mushroom buttons and switches, cam switches, signal columns, and fire alarm buttons;
  • switches and switch disconnectors, including: power circuit breakers, Tmax moulded case circuit breakers and Emax air circuit breakers, OT isolators, OS switch fuses, fuse bases and fuse switch disconnectors, and enclosed switches;
  • products for motor control and protection, including: 3- and 4-pole contactors, motor switch disconnectors and thermal overload relays (thermal relays), soft-starts and frequency converters;
  • electronic products and relays, including: electronic time relays, logic relays, universal motor controllers (UMC), and power supply units.

TME’s offer also features a wide selection of ABB high power semiconductors with conduction current from 300 to 12,000A and voltage from 200 to 8,500V. These products are designed for heavy industry, traction vehicles, welding, and energy transmission, including e.g.

  • diodes,
  • thyristors,
  • IGCT thyristors,
  • GTO thyristors
  • IGBT modules,
  • diode modules,
  • IGBT Press-pack modules.

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TME partners with ABB

We are pleased to inform that TME has entered into cooperation with ABB, a global leader in the field of power and automation technologies.

ABB enclosures for modular apparatus from Mistral® series

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