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Linecard - ALPHA WIRE

Alpha Wire company was established in 1992 in New York as a supplier of industrial cables. In the following decades, company’s business was propelled by the electronic needs of the military industry during World War II and by the advent of television. Today, Alpha Wire products are used in numerous industries, also in such demanding sectors as medicine or telecommunications.

Alpha Wire conducts continuous research, implementing multiple innovative solutions in the cable industry (e.g. it introduced plastic cable insulation). Today, Alpha Wire is continually working on the development of eco-friendly cables. A good example of such a solution are EcoGen™ cables which comply with international standards. They are halogen-free, have an improved structure (15% lighter, 30% smaller diameter) and are 100% recyclable.

The majority of Alpha Wire products offered by TME are single core and multicore cables. Due to their outstanding insulation parameters, they can be used in the production of industrial devices and consumer electronics.

Alpha Wire brand highly-reliable data transfer cables and multicore cables are characterized by similar features as the products described above. One of the solutions dedicated for industrial purposes is the Pro-Tekt™ cable series specifically tailored to the needs of the European industry. With a selection of features, the Pro-Tekt™ series has wide temperature range and it is mechanically and chemically resistant – designed to reduce maintenance and replacement needs to minimum.

Alpha Wire also offers multiple cable accessories, e.g. cable glands, heat-shrink sleeves, conduits, tools and accessories.

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TME becomes an official distributor for Alpha Wire

We are pleased to announce that TME’s offer has been extended by Alpha Wire cables and wiring accessories.

UL1061 compliant wires by Alpha Wire

UL1061 compliant wires by Alpha Wire

Control cable selection guidelines

Control cable selection guidelines

Control cables are used to transfer data to machines and equipment operated in production process lines. As a result of constant development of automation systems and structural solutions control cable manufacturers face more and more stringent requirements.

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