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Linecard - ENERGIZER

energizer The Energizer Company was established in 1890 as the National Carbon Company. In 1906, they created Eveready ® brand for carbon-zinc batteries produced by them, and in 1980 they created Energizer ® brand for alkaline batteries.
TME’s offer includes the following series of products:

  • Base Batteries - available in sizes: LR61 (AAAA); LR03 (AAA); LR6 (AA); LR14 (C); LR20 (D); 9V 6LR61; 4.5V 3LR12
  • Ultimate Batteries - available in sizes: LR03 (AAA); LR6 (AA); LR14 (C); LR20 (D); 9V 6LR61;
  • Ultimate Lithium Batteries - batteries of the longest operational life in the world, available in AA and AAA sizes, designed for devices working in extreme conditions (operational temperature range for these batteries is - 40°C to + 60°C);
  • Industrial Batteries - high efficiency alkaline batteries designed for institutions which expect to get high quality products at a reasonable price. Available in sizes: LR03 (AAA); LR6 (AA); LR14 (C); LR20 (D); 9V 6LR61;
  • Special batteries - A23; A27; 6V 4LR61;
  • Coin, watch batteries - CR1220; CR2016; CR2032; A76 (LR44);
  • NI-MH rechargeable batteries - in sizes: R03 (AAA); R6 (AA); R14 (C); R20 (D); R22 9V;
  • Chargers - from fast 15-minutes CH15MN, through universal CHEUF, to esthetic PORTABLE chargers;
  • Torches - from Hardcase torches, resistant to drops from up to 7 meters, through Atex torches which can be used in explosive dust, gas etc. atmospheres, to the floodlights with 300 meters lighting reach.

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