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Linecard - INSIGHT SIP

Insight SIP is a leading supplier of RF modules for IOT solutions. They offer solutions in low power networking solutions, covering short range protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, Thread and long-range technologies, including LoRa. They also offer some unique positioning solutions, using different technologies including BT5.1 and Ultra-Wide-Band

Insight SIP has its headquarters in Sophia Antipolis in the south of France and has customers across the globe. Founded in 2005 by RF and packaging experts, it has been a consistent technology leader in miniature antenna design, being the first in the world to bring to the market an “Antenna in Package” design (an antenna integrated into system in package device), and more recently the first to introduce a dual antenna SIP.

Short Range Networking

Insight SIP offers a complete range of certified RF modules “ready to use” for low power short range networking solutions, based on Nordic Semiconductor’s market leading chipsets. These support a wide range of protocols, including Bluetooth Low Energy (with Long Range capable devices), Zigbee, Thread and ANT. Also supported is Bluetooth Mesh. These are used in Industrial Electronics, Medical Devices, Wearable Technologies and Smart home and Lighting applications, amongst others

Long Range Networking

Insight SIP has launched a range of Smart Combo modules to support Long Range Low Power Networking solutions. Our LoRa-BLE solutions offer combined long range LoRa connectivity together with the higher speed BLE connectivity for local networking and interactive response. Uniquely, these products include dual integrated antenna. Further products in this sector are under development.

Positioning Solutions

Insight SIP offers a variety of solutions for indoor and precise positioning solutions and secure entry. These offer different degrees of accuracy depending the use case, from simple Bluetooth beacons, advanced Bluetooth 5.1 angle of arrival solutions, and Ultra-Wide Band solutions using time-of-flight technology for the ultimate in accuracy and secure entry.

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TME is now an official distributor of Insight SiP!

TME is now an official distributor of Insight SiP!

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