LUMEL, a company based in western Poland, is a world-renowned manufacturer of top-quality industrial automation equipment and measuring instruments. It was established in 1953 and has successively achieved and maintains a leading position in its industry, often by introducing the latest concepts of communication and standards, and thus increasing and improving its product range.

Since 2019 LUMEL has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of transmitters, network parameter analysers and analogue meters. Its wide range of products includes several product groups, such as:

  • power network meters and analysers
  • transducers of electrical and non-electrical values
  • digital meters
  • recorders
  • temperature controllers
  • analogue meters
  • current transformers
  • shunts
  • large format displays
  • solar inverters and electric vehicle charging stations
  • visualization software.

Firma LUMEL offers automation products and systems that use a variety of communication protocols (MODBUS, ET-HERNET, PROFINET, BACNET or MQTT).

LUMEL specializes in the manufacture of equipment and systems for:

  • monitoring and optimising the costs of electricity and other media (water, gas, compressed air)
  • environmental monitoring systems: temperature, humidity, light intensity, CO2, volatile gases
  • building automation
  • green energy solutions.

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