MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL ADVANCED MATERIALS is a manufacturer of engineering plastics, which have been known on the market for years under the brand Quadrant. The company was acquired by MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL ADVANCED MATERIALS in 2013.

Engineering plastics are marketed as semi-finished products and are usually further processed e.g. with the use of CNC machines. The most important advantages of plastics are their resistance to such factors as chemical substances, corrosion or very high temperatures. This makes them suitable even for very demanding working environments. More and more often, they replace other materials, such as bronze, stainless steel, aluminum or ceramics.

Engineering plastics are a perfect solution for prototypes, specimens and pilot series of various details.

The TME offer includes semi-finished products by MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL ADVANCED MATERIALS, such as plates and rods made of various engineering plastics in many different sizes.

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