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Linecard - OHMITE

Ohmite Manufacturing began its operations in 1925 as a small store in Chicago. Founded by David T. Siegel, the company focused on manufacturing wire-wound resistors for the radio industry. With the development of the electronics industry, Ohmite intensified its production to meet the ever-changing project requirements. In 1953, the company moved to a newly built manufacturing and office complex in Skokie, Illinois.

In 1996, Ohmite acquired Memcor-Truohm, and in 1999 - Ward Leonard Resistors specializing in thick film technology for high-voltage applications. In 1998, Ohmite was acquired by an international holding Heico Companies LLC. Ohmite manufacturing was moved to Matamoros, Mexico, and its headquarters was located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. In 2006, Ohmite purchased divisions of Vishay's Angstrohm Rheostat and Ultronix Precision Resistor, and enhanced its product offerings.

Ohmite offers a wide selection of resistors, mainly for medical, military, and aerospace industries. By applying the latest technologies in its manufacturing process, the company constantly enhances its products.

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