SIEMENS is an international consortium active in the energy, electrotechnical, and telecommunication industries, headquartered in Berlin and Munich. The company started operating in mid-nineteenth century. Currently the SIEMENS brand is recognised all over the world and it employs several hundreds of thousands of employees. A wide offer of technological solutions allows for maintaining a strong position in the area of electrification. From energy generation, to its transmission and distribution, to its effective use. The company puts strong emphasis on constant technical improvements in its products and adjusting them to the needs of various sectors of industrial manufacture.

SIEMENS provides, among others, innovative solutions for clients from the automation and drive technology sectors. The company's offer spans, inter alia, industrial fuses, circuit breakers, switches, industrial PSUs, remote control enclosures, control modules, limit switches, programmable relays, PLC drivers, safety switches, inverters, and time relays.

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