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Linecard - TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is a leader in manufacturing electronic components, industrial products, network, telecommunication and energetic solutions as well as special application products. The corporation, which is a NYSE public traded company, has over fifty years of experience in the branch, an annual turnover of 14,4 billion dollars, has 75 000 employees all over the world, and its rich offer consists of almost 500 000 products.

They are used in the majority of industrial sectors, among which the most important ones are: automotive, telecommunications, consumer electronics, aviation, defense, ship-building, lighting and alternative sources of energy. The company continuously invests in modern technologies, allocating hundreds of millions of dollars annually on research and development. TE Connectivity has over 15 000 patents and each year they submit over 750 new patent requests.

TE Connectivity products are manufactured in 25 countries and sold in the majority of countries in the world, which makes the company a leader among global manufacturing companies.

The wide range of its products includes, among others:

  • connectors: PCB, concentric, power
  • signal connectors and for data transmission
  • CHAMP connectors, industrial, subminiature
  • discrete wire connectors
  • memory cards sockets
  • fiber optic systems: connectors, cabling, bundles, adapters, suppressors, switches, tools
  • terminal blocks and screw terminals
  • overcurrent and overvoltage protections: fuses, varistors
  • power, signal and RF filters
  • cables and wires: concentric and fiber optic
  • components for bundles, jackets, profiles, heat shrink tubes
  • resistors, induction coils, capacitors, transformers
  • communication and signal relays, time relays
  • non-contact position sensors, industrial, PLCD
  • magnetic and thermal switches
  • identification and labelling.

The TE Connectivity company owns over thirty brands, among which the most important ones include: AMP, Axicom, Alcoswitch, CGS, Corcom, Kilovac, Raychem, Schrack.

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