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OPTOSUPPLY 5mm milky lens LEDs


OPTOSUPPLY 5mm milky lens LEDs

OPTOSUPPLY 5mm milky lens LEDs
OPTOSUPPLY introduced an innovative solution in which the body of a standard 5mm LED diode is made of transparent material, while the lens itself has a matte finish. As a result, this LED emits light more evenly than a transparent body LED and at the same time has a higher luminous intensity than a matt body LED.

These LEDs are widely used e.g. in signalling and backlighting, in electronic devices, RTV, household appliances etc.

LED current: 30mA
Operating temperature: from -30°C to +85°C

Symbol: Description:
OSB5SA51A5A LED; 5mm; blue; 1560÷2180mcd; 100°; Front: convex
OSG5DA51A5A LED; 5mm; green; 2180÷3000mcd; 100°; Front: convex
OS5YEA51A5A LED; 5mm; yellow; 2180÷3000mcd; 100°; Front: convex
OS5REA51A5A LED; 5mm; red; 2180÷3000mcd; 100°; Front: convex