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White LEDs Bridgelux Thrive™


White LEDs Bridgelux Thrive™


The solution from Thrive™ BRIDGELUX is a unique combination of luminous structure and phosphorus, producing white light with a spectrum close to natural light. As a result, they perfectly reflect colors, and emit light more pleasant to receive. These LEDs are optimized for efficiency and energy saving.

Thrive™ products are mounted in SMD 2835 case, and are used in public utility buildings, schools, museums, hospitals and houses.

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Mounting: SMD
Case: 2835
Colour rendering index: 95

bridgelux_chart_4000k Źródło: Bridgelux®SMD 2835 0.2W 3V Thrive™

Symbol: Description:
BXEN-27S-11M-3C LED;SMD;2835;warm white;51lm;2700K;95;150mA;2,9÷3,3V;500mW
BXEN-30S-11M-3C LED;SMD;2835;warm white;56lm;3000K;95;150mA;2,9÷3,3V;500mW
BXEN-35S-11M-3C LED;SMD;2835;warm white;56lm;3500K;95;150mA;2,9÷3,3V;500mW
BXEN-40S-11M-3C LED;SMD;2835;neutral white;59lm;4000K;95;150mA;2,9÷3,3V
BXEN-50S-11M-3C LED;SMD;2835;cold white;59lm;5000K;95;150mA;2,9÷3,3V;500mW
BXEN-57S-11M-3C LED;SMD;2835;cold white;59lm;5700K;95;150mA;2,9÷3,3V;500mW
BXEN-27S-11L-3C LED;SMD;2835;warm white;22lm;2700K;95;60mA;2,7÷3,1V;200mW
BXEN-30S-11L-3C LED;SMD;2835;warm white;24lm;3000K;95;60mA;2,7÷3,1V;200mW
BXEN-35S-11L-3C LED;SMD;2835;warm white;25lm;3500K;95;60mA;2,7÷3,1V;200mW
BXEN-40S-11L-3C LED;SMD;2835;neutral white;25lm;4000K;95;60mA;2,7÷3,1V
BXEN-50S-11L-3C LED;SMD;2835;cold white;25lm;5000K;95;60mA;2,7÷3,1V;200mW
BXEN-57S-11L-3C LED;SMD;2835;cold white;25lm;5700K;95;60mA;2,7÷3,1V;200mW