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CROMPTON - TE CONNECTIVITY panel meters are high class measurement devices for almost every electronic quantity (voltage, current, frequency, reactive and active power, phase angle, phase sequence, phase synchronization, power factor). They come in 48, 72 and 96mm size compliant with DIN standards. Thanks to many configuration options and additional functions, they may be installed even in the most unconventional applications. All appliances are precisely designed, and their solid and sealed construction ensures exact measurement in harsh conditions.

CROMPTON - TE CONNECTIVITY panel meters in TME’s offer

Voltmeters from series E244 and E243 are equipped with phase selection switches. It is possible to measure phase or phase-to-phase voltage. Amperometers from series E244 and E243 are equipped with two indicators, one is for the measurement of instantaneous current, the other for the average current, which is updated every 15 minutes. Current meters can be connected directly or with the use of 1A or 5A current transformer.

Product offer of CROMPTON - TE CONNECTIVITY is complemented with wide range of current transformers with input current from 1A to 6kA.

The British company's products offer proven reliability in various industries, including power generation, process control, marine, defense and energy management. Check out all products in the catalog »


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