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Bitner flame retardant cables


YnTKSY (unshielded) and YnTKSYekw (shielded) cables from BITNER are designed for transmission of digital and analogue signals in fire suppression systems for signalling and control. They have a CNBOP-PIB certificate, so they can be used in fire safety installations.

What types of cables are used in fire suppression systems?

Our offer includes 2, 4 and 6-core paired cables with a cross section of 0.8mm2 or 1mm2, which can be unshielded (YNTKSY) or shielded with aluminium foil (YnTKSYekw). They feature red PVC insulation and can be used in temperatures from -40°C to 70°C, with the rated voltage of 150V. All the above mentioned cables have a copper, single-wire conductor

YnTKSY(ekw) cables are mainly used for data transmission and power supply of equipment, e.g. sensors or auxiliary devices, which allow for disconnection of ventilation or power supply in the case of fire detection. Such cables have flame retardant sheath, so they do not spread the flames. Recommended BITNER cables are compliant with the PN-EN 50575 (CPR) standard, and their shielded variant additionally protects signals against external electrical interference.

Discover YnTKSY products

Type control cable
Core structure stranded
Core cross-section 0.8mm2 or 1mm2
Core material copper
Operating temperature from -40°C to 70°C
Insulation material PVC

BITNER-TN0001 Przewód;YnTKSY;1x2x0,8mm2;nieekranowany;150V;PVC;Cu;drut
BITNER-TN0003 Przewód;YnTKSY;2x2x0,8mm2;nieekranowany;150V;PVC;Cu;drut
BITNER-TN0004 Przewód;YnTKSY;3x2x0,8mm2;nieekranowany;150V;PVC;Cu;drut
BITNER-TN0100 Przewód;YnTKSYekw;1x2x0,8mm2;folia Al;PVC;czerwony;150V
BITNER-TN0102 Przewód;YnTKSYekw;2x2x0,8mm2;folia Al;PVC;czerwony;150V
BITNER-TN0103 Przewód;YnTKSYekw;3x2x0,8mm2;folia Al;PVC;czerwony;150V
BITNER-TN0109 Przewód;YnTKSYekw;2x2x1mm2;folia Al;PVC;czerwony;150V


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