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Wakefield-Vette heat pipes


TME offer now includes new products by Wakefield-Vette. Heat pipes play an important role in many areas of industry. They are a key element in various systems and ensure efficient heat dissipation. These solutions do not transfer heat to the environment – their main task is to efficiently transfer energy within a thermal system (e.g. through an evaporator and a condenser).

Products by Wakefield-Vette are characterized by excellent workmanship, which results from using the highest quality copper in the manufacturing process. Another advantage that distinguishes heat pipes is their internal structure which resembles a candle wick. This specific design provides high thermal efficiency, which, combined with the low weight, allows for versatile use of Wakefield-Vette heat pipes in many branches of industry. They are widely applied in telecommunications, medicine, refrigeration and aviation, among others.

120229 Heat pipe: 120229

Discover the full range of heat pipes by Wakefield-Vette!

Length: 100mm
Material: copper
Cooling power: 12W or 25W
Colour: natural
Surface finish: raw

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