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OPLA Kit programmable platform for IoT applications


TME offer now includes a universal software development platform dedicated to creating IoT devices. It is manufactured by well-recognised ARDUINO.

The set includes the Arduino MKR IoT Carrier base board and the following accessories:

  • MKR WiFi 1010 board (ARDUINO PRO series) equipped with a programmable microcontroller,
  • soil moisture sensor,
  • PIR motion detector,
  • connection cables for sensors,
  • plastic housing,
  • USB cable.


OPLA Kit from Arduino

The central part of the base board is equipped with a socket for connecting any board from the ARDUINO MKR family (ARDUINO PRO series), and therefore offers unlimited possibilities when choosing the type of wireless transmission (Wi-Fi, LoRa, GSM). Moreover, the base plate itself features:

  • 1.2" OLED colour display,
  • temperature, humidity, pressure and light sensor,
  • IMU module,
  • 3 GROOVE standard connectors for connecting external modules,
  • microSD card slot,
  • 2 24V relays,
  • 5 capacitive buttons,
  • 5 RGB LEDs,
  • buzzer,
  • battery socket size 18650.

Additionally, the set comes with a special activation code, enabling free, 12-month access to the Create Maker Plan platform. It offers online software development, configuring and storing the code in the cloud, as well as technical support for more advanced projects.

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