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EMC filters by EPCOS


One of the disadvantages of today’s electronic circuits is their high vulnerability to any unwanted signals in the circuit. Sources of such impulses are electromagnetic interference (EMI), which can cause excessive wear and tear of components or even impede correct operation of an entire device.

EPCOS is a recognized and appreciated manufacturer of components and solutions designed to ensure electromagnetic compatibility and eliminate such interference.

TME’s offer has been extended by more than 100 EMC filters by EPCOS, which can be implemented in single or three-phase circuits. Available operating voltages include 250V, 440V, 520V and 530V, with operating current ranging from 1A to 100A. The high availability and flexibility of EPCOS filters allows you to quickly and easily find the optimal solution to EMI interference for almost any application. TME’s offer includes top-quality filters designed for industrial applications and medical devices.


EMC filter: B84112G0000B116

EPCOS filters available at TME

Max. voltage: from 250V to 530V
Operating current: from 1A to 100A


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