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Iron Warriors' great performance at the Educ Eco Valenciennes 2019


On 16-18 May 2019 the Iron Warriors team took part in the Educ Eco competition in France. The tournament was held on the Toyota track.

On the first day there was a technical inspection and test runs. On the second day, during the official runs, the team faced several technical problems that affected the results and forced the team to work intensively on the car. On the last day, due to difficult weather conditions, the runs were suspended, which did not allow the Iron Warriors to fully demonstrate their capabilities. The team nevertheless finished the Educ Eco competition in the second place. The travelled distance of 647km per 1 litre of fuel is an outstanding result and a good predictor of the next start.

The next competition, Shell Eco-Marathon, will be held in London. Fingers crossed!


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