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TME Education - community changemakers


TME Education – community changemakers Inventors Month is a project that aims at promoting creativity and inventors who bravely share their ideas with the world.

As a part of this initiative, TME Education organized Inventors Month with TME Education – community changemakers. The ambassadors of our educational project took up the challenge of facing the problems of local communities in which they live day-to-day.

Among the projects was SMART-AGRO – a solution that allows farmers to control the operation of water pumps in their fields. Thanks to this feature, they can save fuel, time and avoid danger from e.g. snakes or spiders.

Sachin Rana, TME Education Ambassador to India, explains his project:

Another project is a portable fridge for medical samples.

Ndembo Jafari, TME Education ambassador to Tanzania, talks about his project dedicated to rural hospitals:

The third project is an egg incubator.

You'll find out more about it from a video prepared by Patrick Ssonko from Uganda:

Hani Sisimile, TME Education ambassador to Eswatini and her team prepared a robot to support the education and communication skills development of children with ASD:



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