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The offer of light and sound signalling devices by Qlight



Light and sound signalling devices can be found everywhere. They play an important role in traffic organization – from warehouses to all possible means of transport. They also remain an indispensable part of systems present in every machine park and manufacturing hall. Finally, the signalling devices continue to be an integral component of any alarm system. The safety of users and employees is directly dependent on effective signalling, both for warning and information purposes.

Regardless of the area of application, the signalling must meet at least three conditions: be clear, unambiguous and reliable. Due to these requirements and the important role that signalling devices play in our lives and at work, installation technicians are most likely to look for proven brands that are renowned for their product quality.

In the TME catalogue, one of the most recognized companies which specializes in the field of signalling is QLIGHT. This Asian-based company is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of signalling devices. Its solutions have been adapted to world assembly standards and are certified by 22 independent institutions all over the globe (including IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, CCS, CE, UL). If you are interested in the topic, check out our overview of QLIGHT products available at TME – presented below.

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Signalling columns

Signalling columns, also known as signal towers, have the advantage of being able to emit more than two messages. They can inform the user about the different statuses of the device being operated, which is a necessary function of complex automation systems.

The diameter of STG and QTG series of towers by Qlight spans from 40mm to 80mm. Thanks to the modular design the towers can be adapted to different applications, even with no tools required. They are also available in a version with a buzzer – they feature the IP54 ingress protection class, as opposed to IP65 models equipped only with visual signals. The TME catalogue also includes accessories for these products, e.g. wall brackets. The associated product series, QTR, consists of lights surrounded by a milky lens, so that they do not strain the eyes of machine operators, which is a particularly important feature for manufacturing lines.

The STA25SLM, STA35SLM and STA45SLM series are unique solutions. They feature miniature towers with an attractive design, closed in an aluminium enclosure. They are equipped with special lenses that provide excellent visibility.

The SWT series complements this extensive range of products with a selection of wall or housing mounted towers.

Light signalling devices

An alternative solution is a single QMCL series light signalling device (pic. 1). This device can emit 7 different colours using a single module, which reduces installation costs and saves space. These products are available in diameters of 69, 83, 97 and 116mm, as well as in sound-emitting variants.


Pic. 1. Lights capable of emitting 7 colours in a single, milky housing.


If the application requires the use of a rotating light, the SH1 series and the slightly larger SH2 series will be an excellent choice, as they have an IP66 rating – so they are dust and waterproof, and additionally resistant to corrosion and impacts. They can be successfully used in harsh industrial conditions or e.g. on ships, outside buildings, etc.

Sound, sound and light signalling devices

An interesting solution, different from the offer of European manufacturers, is the S125 series. It features sound signallers combined with revolving, constant or flashing light (depending on the model, different configurations are available). The sound level of these devices is around 103/105dB. With these characteristics and powerful light sources (including xenon and LED lamps), the S125 series is the perfect choice for those looking for an effective warning signaller.

The last, but also very interesting option are the QWH and QWCD series. These sound, as well as light and sound signalling devices can emit one of 31 programmed alarms. Models marked with the SD symbol are additionally equipped with MP3 player: after being triggered they can sound any message recorded on the SD card.

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