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BiTLAN cables for industrial networks


Computer networks in automation are no longer something extraordinary. They are the next step on the road to centralised automation of manufacturing plants, warehouses and other industrial facilities. Today, the infrastructure in machine parks is based on high-capacity Ethernet networks, and thus is directly dependent on the quality and durability of the cabling used. Therefore, we recommend Bitner solutions to our customers.

About Bitner

BITNER is a Polish manufacturer of cables and wires, which has been present on the market since 1996. Its offer is addressed mainly to designers and executive and construction companies, as well as commercial entities dealing with the IT, electrical and power industry, industrial automation and telecommunications. An example of such specialized products are BiTLAN cables. They are designed for use in computer networks and are suitable for data, sound and TV image transmission.

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Properties of Bitner BiTLAN cables

In terms of shielding, BiTLAN cables can be divided into three categories. The basic one is U/UTP, i.e. cables without braid. They stand out from the rest of the offer due to more affordable price, but they do not fully protect the installation against interferences. If there is a risk of signal contamination by an external factor, the F/UTP version will be a better choice. In this case, four pairs of wires are shielded with aluminum foil (Al/Pet). In the case of installations that are exposed to strong electromagnetic radiation from machinery, we recommend using the S/FTP standard cables, which provide better transmission properties. According to the standard, each pair of conductors is covered with an individual aluminum sheath, and the set of conductors is enclosed in a dense copper wire braid. Such a solution protects data transmission against interference, even if the cable is used in a dense line of signal cabling. Of course, it is important to use appropriate plugs, to ensure that the screens are earthed.

All of the BiTLAN cables available at TME feature copper cores. Their diameter ranges from 22AWG to 24AWG, while their operating temperature is -30°C to 70°C (80°C for TI0012 & TI0060 cables for outdoor use). In terms of maximum allowable frequency, characteristics of Bitner products exceed the minimum standard values provided for each category.

The maximum allowable values for BiTLAN cables are as follows:

  • category 5e – up to 200MHz,
  • category 6 – up to 350MHz,
  • category 6a – up to 500MHz,
  • category 7 – up to 1000MHz,
  • category 7a – up to 1200MHz.

Insulation & safety

Cables are available in grey, black and orange. Their insulation is made of: shielding polyethylene; durable PVC cabtyre; or special LSOH (or LSZH) polymer. This abbreviation stands for "low smoke, zero halogen" and refers to the safest cables, which emit a limited amount of smoke and harmful substances in case of ignition (they do not spread fire). Cables surrounded by a PE sheath are UV and oil resistant. Moreover, some versions, such as e.g.BITNER-TI0012, are filled with hydrophobic gel, which is necessary for laying the cable in the ground. Finally, it is worth mentioning that all BiTLAN cables are classified according to PN-EN 50575 (CPR).


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