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4000 and M series Fiber Simplex optical connectors


4000 series Fiber Simplex optical connectors

Fiber Simplex 4000 series circular-fibre-connectors is the smallest and most durable fibre connetor available on the market. It is ideal for external transmissions, FTTX, server rooms, construction sites, marine, airplane, railway, medical and automotive industries. Small size of 4000 series allows for installation at any place with limited space.

What is most important is that although they are small, they offer functionality and parameters characteristic to Buccaneer, which provides engineers with greater flexibility when designing end user solutions.

Fiber Simplex 4000 series – perfect for though conditions

Thanks to its light, but resistant design, sealed plastic round connectors offer power or signal connections of high efficienct. They are made of polyamide, which is slow-burning (UL94-V0 combustibility class). They offer water and solid object protection class IP66, IP68, or even IP69K after connecting (IP68 water and solid object protection class tested at 1.054 kg / cm2 and submerged to a depth of 10 m for 2 weeks)

Reliable fiber connections

Fiber Simplex 4000 series with safe bayonet joint with short twist(30°), ensures durable mechanical connection. LC interface (IEC 61754-20) meets industry standards, has O-rings and pads marked with appropriate colors for easy identification. The housing is available in Flex, In-Line and Rear Panel versions.

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Fiber Simplex 4000 series – most important features

  • leakproofness class: IP66, IP68 and IP69K after connecting;
  • seal plugs to maintain IP68 protection;
  • cable versions: 0S1, 0M1, 0M3;
  • cable length: 5 - 450M; pxf4050a_21
  • diameter on the coupling ring 19,7mm;
  • safe and verified system for connection blocking;
  • UL94-V0 combustibility class;
  • designed in a way to reduce the possibility of intervention by unauthorized personnel;
  • EN60068-2-52 - probe Kb: salt spray test (cyclic);
  • resistance level in the marine environment – 1.

M series connectors

Bulgin M series connectors are ideal solution Circular_Automation_connectors for industry automation. They provideuser with fast, safe and reliable connections. Bulgin plug connector offer includes round connectors with M5, M8 and M12 threads M16, M23 as well as sockets for panel mounting, variants of stranded cables, and power /signal units. M series Bulgin connectors are typical for industrial solustions and meet standards for industry automation, robotics, process control, and medical industry, food & beverage processing industry and industrial networks. They mett RoHS directive standards.

M series connectors can be made of metal or plastic, are resistant to chemical and mechanical damage. Its high advantage is easy assembly and availability of both straight and angle versions, which makes Bulgin connectors more universal.

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Bulgin connectors – most important features

  • versions available:M5, M8, M12, M16 i M23;
  • straight and angle versions;
  • fast and secure bolting mechanism; m16_male_with_shield_7
  • backwards compatible versions;
  • available as on-site assembly connectors;
  • versions available: from 1A, 30V AC/DC to 8A, 250V AC/DC;
  • stranded cables PVC and PUR;
  • water and solid object protection class: IP67;
  • cable length: 1m - 15m.

M5 series

Waterproof connectors for Bulgin sensors M5 are the most compact M series models. They are perfect for automotive industry, commercial electronics and process control – everywhere, where mini sensors of high reliability and resistance are in use. m5_flex_inline_male_a_code_overmould_25 Connectors of M5 sensors have water and solid object protection class IP67 and standard bolting mechanism

M5 series connectors – most important features

  • sockets for mounting on front/rear panel;
  • available in 3- or 4- pin version

M8 series

Compact connectors M8 for sensors and automation with bolt locking system are resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, easy to assemble, allow to minimize the risk of shutdowns, and increase efficiency. M8 series from Bulgin ensuers safe and reliable protection against liquid, dust, humidity and dirt, and at the same time ensures high resistance to vibration, thus preventing connection interruptions. m8_male_straight_3

M8 series connectors – most important features

  • straight and perpendicular configuration;
  • 3, 4 or 5 pins;
  • compatible with EN 61076-2-104.

M12 connectors

M12 connectors is one of the most reliable and efficient connecting standards for industrial machines and automation in manufacturing plants; for example, sensor connecting or fieldbus systems. It is a perfect choice that combines small size, low failure frequency and high efficiency.

Thanks to water and solid object protection class of IP67, M12 connectors are extremely effective in difficult conditions outside industry automation applications, where compact and reliable connections are demanded. m12_amale_plastic_straight_pg9_5 M12 connectors meet RoHS standards.

M12 series connectors – most important features

  • reliable bolt locking that meats industry standards (EN 61076-2-101);
  • cable and panel mounting possibility;
  • straight and perpendicular configuration;
  • from 3 to 17 pins.


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