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Explore TME products dedicated to the medical industry


Explore TME products dedicated to the medical industry

Choosing the right solutions and products for medical applications is crucial to the proper and safe operation of devices and systems. Below, we present an overview of TME products for medical applications.

PIC16F series microcontrollers with low power use

Portable Medical Devices should be designed to use as little energy as possible. There are also situations when such devices will have to operate for many years with one battery. In this case, the ideal solution is Microchip — eXtreme Low Power (XLP) technology that provides a very low power consumption in the operating mode and sleep mode, which is a guarantee of long battery life.

Features of Microchip microcontrollers using eXtreme Low Power (XLP):

  • Sleep-mode current of up to 9 nA and operating current up to 30 μA/MHz
  • Sleep modes with the lowest power, with different sources of awakening
  • There are available chips with the Integrated USB Interface, built-in LCD drivers, hardware encryption and mTouch® technology for controlling capacitive touch screens
  • Extended set of peripherals and design tools enabling migration between different microcontrollers
  • Extended battery life thanks to XLP solutions
  • Optimal performance across the whole range of supply voltages

Discover microcontrollers in our catalogue

Communication — RN4870 Series Bluetooth Modules, ATWINC1510 WiFi Series Modules and MCP2221/MCP2221A

Modern technologies applied in medical devices require wireless connectivity. Among Microchip products, you can find solutions for communication via USB, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®. Energy-efficient Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules provide high-speed data transmission in the devices intended for medical use.

Touch sensors

Touch screens are commonly used in medical devices, from medical apparatus’ control panels to access terminals in medical information systems, and patient monitoring systems. Our offer includes resistive screen controllers, capacitive screen controllers and touch sensors, which are plug-and-play solutions for all applications, including medical purposes.

Temperature sensors

In many medical devices, it is necessary to monitor the patient's temperature. Single-channel digital temperature sensors are a perfect solution for these types of devices. Microchip temperature sensors communicate with popular I2C and SPI serial interfaces, and are equipped with programmable built-in registers in order to enable e.g. setting the temperature range. They are also equipped with an alarm output that is activated in case of exceeding a defined temperature range. Functionalities:

  • Easy integration with the microcontroller
  • Measurement precision of up to ± 0.5°C
  • Operating voltage of up to 1.7 V
  • Optimisation of energy consumption

Discover temperature sensors in our catalogue

Analogue-digital converters and operational amplifiers

The analogue-digital Microchip converters provide high precision, enabling them to meet the challenges arising in the medical device design process. A wide range of resolutions and sampling rates and a range of functions enable fitting the most demanding applications. ADC converters are ideal for portable and battery-powered devices.


  • High precision for demanding projects
  • Small energy consumption
  • Small enclosure

Thanks to their high processing rate and high resolution, Microchip converters work very well in medical applications. A feature of which is their low energy consumption, combined with compact enclosures, facilitating the application of Microchip converters in portable, battery-powered devices.

Common applications are:

  • advanced sensors for sugar or cholesterol levels
  • ECG/ECG measurements
  • pulsometers
  • wearables with monitoring functions

SCHURTER products can be used in medical devices. They meet the high standards that are required in medical applications, such as: endurance, efficiency, safety, easy operation and high feature integration.


Rooms that require sterile conditions, such as operating rooms or treatment rooms, must be equipped with devices that withstand frequent disinfection. Therefore, they require components that are resistant to chemical agents and have a high degree of IP protection.

Metal Line switches are backlighted buttons with standard diameters of 19, 22, 30 mm. They are distinguished by high resistance to strokes (IK07) and ingress protection class IP65 and IP67.

MSM is a series of switches that are perfect for applications that require status indications and touch feedback.

Discover push button switches in our catalogue

Suppression filters

Electrical equipment used in medical technology must meet high safety requirements. This protects both the patient and the medical staff. SCHURTER offers a large selection of standard and medical filters for use in a wide range of devices.


  • protection against interfering voltage from the mains
  • strong suppression of hardware-generated interference
  • suitable for operation in IEC/UL 60950 compliant devices
  • medical version adapted for operation in IEC/UL 60601-1 compliant devices

Discover suppression filters in our catalogue


Fuseholders offer not only anti-shock protection that prevents direct touching of the voltage-carrying elements, but also a reliable and robust way to attach the fuse in the system. These components ensure a safe and fast replacement of the damaged fuse. SCHURTER FSB1, FSB2 and FEU series fuseholderss are dedicated to high-end medical equipment requiring final certification. They are impact-resistant and provide a high level of anti-shock protection in the PC2 or PC3 class, according to the IEC 60601 norm. The products guarantee absolutely safe solutions, which are applied in diagnostic and therapeutic devices, including medical laboratory equipment, life-supporting and vital-monitoring devices.

IEC power connectors with filter

It happens that devices for medical applications work without network grounding. In this case, leakage current can be dangerous to the user. Therefore, the leakage current limit has been set, for the safe use of the device. The DD12 series of filters is suitable for use in such conditions. It is a combination of an IEC C14 connector with a 1- or 2-pole switch, a high-quality power line filter and a 1- or 2-pole fuse drawer. Connectors are available in both medical and standard versions, allowing them to be used even in devices that require increased resistance to interference.


  • various mounting variants
  • a switch for high inrush current peak values
  • V-Lock pull protection
  • meet the requirements of IEC 60601 and UL 544

Discover IEC power connectors with filter in our catalogue

Super-thin cables

Micro Coax series cables are designed for signal transmission. Perfect for applications where the cabling-dedicated space is heavily limited, especially for medical imaging. Micro Coax wires are used in devices such as endoscopes, medical probes or oxymetry systems. High-quality external insulation made of PFA ensures stable operating conditions.


  • strand diameter: 32-50 AWG
  • braids of silver-plated copper wires or braids of tin-plated copper wires
  • operating temperature: from -70 to 200°C depending on the product

Pressure sensors TruStability™ series HSC and SSC

TruStability™ is a series of pressure sensors designed for high-precision measurement applications. Sensors come in differential, absolute or standard measurement versions, as well as in versions with analogue or digital output.

TruStability™ have temperature compensation and an output signal amplifier. The sensors are recommended for devices such as medical ventilators, infusion pumps, oxygen concentrators or breathing apparatus.


  • analogue output (Vdc) or digital output (I2C, SPI)
  • compensation of the measurement impact on ambient temperature
  • Available measurement range: from +/- 60 mbar to +/- 10 bar (from +/- 1psi to +/- 150 psi)
  • available enclosures: SIP, DIP, SMT.

Impulse power supplies

Medical Power Adaptor plug-in and desktop power supplies, series GSM and GEM, dedicated to power the medical devices are compliant with patient protection standards (2x MOPP) and meet the latest energy efficiency standards. Plug-in versions are available in the power range from 6W to 36W (also universal models with removable plug), while desktop versions range from 18W to 220W. That covers a wide range of applications, for example: mobile workstations, oral irrigators, portable haemodialysis devices, respiratory apparatus or medical computer monitors.


  • protection against short circuit, overload and overvoltage
  • wide range of input voltages: 85 - 264V AC

AC/DC on-board power modules MPM series

Compact AC/DC MPM Series on-board power modules are designed for medical applications and meet level 2xMOPP patient protection requirements.

The converters have very low leakage current and class II insulation. They are available in various power and output voltages variants.

MPMs have very low power consumption without load and protection against short circuit, overload, overvoltage and too high temperature.

MPM converters can be applied in portable medical devices, medical monitoring computers, inspection devices.


  • compact size
  • 2xMOPP patient protection standard
  • low power consumption without load <0,075 W
  • very low leakage current
  • protection against short circuit, overload and overvoltage
  • wide operating temperature range: from -30 to +85°C

Discover the MPM series in our catalogue

Cable ties with the addition of metal filings

In the pharmaceutical industry, the quality of the product is extremely important. It must meet the highest requirements and standards. For such difficult and unique products as medicines, cable ties with the addition of metal filings have been developed. Even small fragments of the tie can be captured by the metal detector, thanks to the metal content. Therefore, the risk of contamination is reduced and the production process is safer. Cable ties with metal filings are suitable for fixing cables and electrical wires near the production lines.

Stainless steel and acid-resistant steel cable ties

Pharmaceuticals production is often associated with difficult conditions — heavy load and high temperature. Especially for harsh conditions, stainless steel and acid-resistant clamp bands have been developed. They are resistant to high temperatures, salt water and acids. Their special lock system prevents unexpected untying and opening, for a safer production process.


LED UVC diodes

Now, TME offers LED UV-C designed for sterilization of rooms. Please visit our website and see our offer.

Discover UVC LEDs in our catalogue


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