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HN, HNC and HNB series switches by EATON


HN, HNC and HNB series switches by EATON

EATON ELECTRIC is a world-renowned manufacturer of solutions for energy distribution, industrial automation and safety and signalling equipment. Eaton’s extensive offer, which is tailored to the needs and requirements of the market, includes a new xPole Home series of modular devices and arc fault detection devices. Their application allows to significantly improve the level of fire protection of installations.

Effective protection against installation overload and short-circuit

Electrical installations are exposed to many undesirable phenomena. One of them, which poses a threat not only to the installation itself and the connected devices but also to users, is too high current flow. During the overload, the current in the circuit exceeds the permissible nominal value, which results in heating of the insulation. This, in turn, may eventually lead to ignition. Short-circuit may have a similar effect, which also results in damage to the connected electrical equipment.

If the above mentioned situations occur, the protective elements cut off the power supply. An example of such protection is the HN overcurrent circuit breaker by EATON.


Fig.1 HN series overcurrent circuit breaker by EATON.

HN series overcurrent circuit breakers – key features:

  • Bimetal part: protects against overload and disconnects the circuit from the power supply before damage occurs.
  • Electromagnetic part: protects against short-circuit effects.
  • Increased electrical and mechanical strength allows for DC operation with up to 48V DC and up to 20,000 operations.

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Effective protection against electric shock

Another risk associated with the use of electrical installations is related to electric shock, which can occur when touching an uninsulated wire or a live metal part. Depending on the current level, the shock can pose a risk not only to the health but also to the life of users.

Residual current circuit breakers are commonly used as protection against that risk. They are able to disconnect the faulty circuit within 1ms and thus protect the person at risk of electric shock. Eaton offers HNC series residual current circuit breakers.


Fig.2 HNC series residual current circuit breaker.

HNC series residual current circuit breakers – key features:

  • Instantaneous operation.
  • 2- and 4-pole versions for single- and three-phase circuits.
  • Can be tested every 6 months.

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Effective protection against the consequences of overload and short-circuit

In order to ensure full safety against the consequences of both overload and short-circuit and electric shock, it is worth choosing one of combination-type breakers. They bring together the advantages of overcurrent and residual current circuit breakers and further improve fire protection.

EATON’s offer in this group of products is complemented by HNB series combination-type breakers.

HNB series combination-type breakers – key features:

  • High-quality circuit breaker that operates independently of the mains voltage
  • Mechanical durability up to 20000 cycles
  • Electrical durability up to 4000 cycles
  • Class B & C trip characteristics.


Fig.3 HNB series residual current circuit breaker.

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