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JBC-NASE-2C soldering station from JBC TOOLS


JBC-NASE-2C soldering station from JBC TOOLS

The JBC-NASE-2C soldering station from JBC TOOLS is an excellent solution for soldering SMD components and other very small elements and chips requiring high precision. This station utilises the JBC TOOLS’ Most Efficient Soldering System that heats up the soldering tip to 350°C in just 2 seconds and the intelligent hibernation mode (Intelligent Heat Management) that automatically cuts off the soldering iron’s power supply when it’s put back on the stand. Using the hibernation mode, an unused tip is cooled down to room temperature which prevents oxidation and saves power. This solution increases tip life, making them last up to 5 times longer than tips by other manufacturers.

The JBC-NASE-2C station has the JBC-NT115-A soldering iron and the JBC-AN115-A adjustable micro pliers. The small distance from tip to handle in both tools ensures maximum soldering precision – even when using a microscope. This soldering station is compatible with all tips from the C115 series. Just like with other JBC TOOLS soldering stations, JBC-NASE-2C lets you use the menu to configure more than 10 various parameters. This way, you can fully adjust the soldering process to your needs.

Symbol Description
JBC-NASE-2C Soldering station; digital; ESD; 30W; 90÷450°C; Heating element: in the tip

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