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A new ZD line of modular DIN rail enclosures by KRADEX


A new ZD line of modular DIN rail enclosures by KRADEX

The ZD product line uses modern replaceable terminal covers which can be easily adjusted to various requirements related to the inside of electronic components. KRADEX enclosures are protected against accidental detachment, without any additional metal elements. The enclosure is mounted on the rail by means of snaps locks, thanks to which it can be easily slid in and out.

The terminal covers, on the other hand, are available in a wide range of options:

  • full terminal cover – used where there are no outlets from the enclosure, and the entire opening must be covered. It is applied when there is a need to make non-standard holes, e.g. for special sockets or connectors. In this case, the full terminal cover can be milled to obtain suitable inlets.

  • universal terminal cover – used when the enclosure is to contain a connector in which all the cores will be used, i.e. it will be necessary to use the entire width of the connector to connect the cables.

  • terminal cover for sockets – recommended when it is necessary to use convenient board outputs, e.g. USB, RJ or other sockets,

  • terminal cover for blanking plugs – recommended when only some of the cores are used, i.e. shorter terminal strips. This innovative solution has removable plugs that make it easier to customize the connectors on the PCB. The blanking plugs allow for multiple changes in the configuration of openings, eliminate the need to use additional tools and contribute to the neat appearance of enclosures (no notched or punched holes).

Discover the full offer of DIN rail enclosures and accessories by KRADEX available at TME.

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