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CSRV series of SMD MELF resistors from Viking


CSRV series of SMD MELF resistors from Viking

The CSRV series from a Taiwanese company VIKING consists of advanced thin film technology SMD resistors. These elements offer excellent stability of parameters. Due to their advantages, they are most often used in the automotive industry, telecommunications and medical equipment.

The key parameters of the CSRV series of MELF resistors include:

  • Low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR): 50ppm/°C
  • operating temperature range: -55...155°C
  • available powers: 0.4W – MiniMelf; 0.5W-1W – Melf
  • tolerance: ±1%

Discover the full offer of the SCRV series of SMD MELF resistors from VIKING available at TME.

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