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Feryster current compensated inductors


Feryster current compensated inductors

TME offer has been extended with DUS-16/15/0.9 inductors. These are two-coil current compensated inductors winded on UU-type cores inductors with a closed magnetic circuit. Cores, made of MnZn material, are characterized with high permeability. The DUS-16/15/0.9 inductors are used to suppress disturbances with the frequencies of 1kHz-500kHz.


  • suppress interference disturbances in electronic devices
  • suppress interference disturbances at the SMPS pulse power supply input from the network’s side
  • suppress interference noises in motor vehicle control electrical systems

Symbol Description
DUS-16/15/0.9 Inductor: two-coil with compensation; 15mH; 0,9A; 770mΩ

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