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WiFi dipole antennas by Walsin


WiFi dipole antennas by Walsin

WiFi antennas by WALSIN now available in TME offer.
The antennas come with SMA-B connectors or cables of length 100mm.
We have on offer antennas with energy gain from 2 to 9 dBi.

Symbol Length Connector type Frequency Cable length
[mm] [mm]
RFDPA151300SBAB8G1 157.5 SMA-B 2.4GHz -
RFDPA151300SBLB8G1 157.5 SMA-B 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, 5.8GHz -
RFDPA151310NNAB3G1 157.5 - 2.4GHz 100
RFDPA171300SBAB8G1 172.5 SMA-B 2.4GHz -
RFDPA171310NNAB3G1 172.5 - 2.4GHz 100
RFDPA391300SBAB8G1 392 SMA-B 2.4GHz -

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