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Schottky diodes from Cree


Schottky diodes from Cree

Schottky diodes from CREE are manufactured with the use of Silicon Carbide, they have excellent current and switching parameters, and high breakdown voltages.

In terms of thermal conductivity, they outperform the most commonly used Si diodes.

They are a perfect fit for high voltage electronics.

Symbol Voltage Current Package
[V] [A]
C3D02060A 600 2 TO220-2
C3D02060E 600 2 TO252-2
C3D03060E 600 3 TO252-2
C3D04060A 600 4 TO220-2
C3D04060E 600 4 TO252-2
C3D06060A 600 6 TO220-2
C3D08060A 600 8 TO220-2
C3D10060A 600 10 TO220-2
C4D02120E 1200 2 TO252-2
C4D05120E 1200 5 TO252-2
C4D20120A 1200 20 TO220-2

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