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Our website has 25,000,000 page views a year. Our customers place over 1,000,000 orders via the website which make up 77% of all orders fulfilled by TME.

In 2019, over 118.000 new customers logged in at our Website.

We continuously strive to improve the quality of our services. We also pay a lot of attention to improve our Website by introducing new facilities and functionalities that go together with development of new technologies. We want to maximally facilitate viewing our offer and the ordering process.

At our Website, customers can use, among others, the following functionalities:

Current warehouse inventories
At our Website, there are real-time updated warehouse inventories. While placing an order, our customers can be sure that ordered products are actually at the warehouse.
Parameters-based search system.
All products have been parameterized which greatly improves the searching process. It allows finding products based on its properties without knowing its name or symbol.
Fixed term orders
They allow determining demanded delivery date while placing an order. Products will be booked in the warehouse for a given shipment date.
It allows placing orders by organizing products in folders, based on which customers can quickly place a repeating order or an order to specific projects.
Partial or complete delivery
In case when the goods quantity available in the warehouse is insufficient, customer may choose immediate delivery of products currently available in the warehouse (partial delivery) or wait until the warehouse inventory has been supplemented. Then the whole ordered quantity will be shipped.
Customer symbols
Customer may assign their own symbol/name to every product in TME’s offer names created in this way will be given on sales documents. They can also be used while searching products in the catalogue.
Quick Buy
The Quick Buy function allows fast placing orders to all customers having a ready list of desired products.
Shopping history
Shopping history allows tracking of all orders fulfilled within the last 12 months, as well as related invoices.
Availability notification system
A functionality that allows for monitoring the changing status of stock in the warehouse at TME. Single notifications informs about reaching a total demand, while multiple notifications inform about increasing stock in the warehouse up to the moment of reaching a total demand.
TME customers can make payments using a secure and fast non-cash form of transactions provided by the following companies: PayPal, e-Service*.
  * The service is only available to customers served by Transfer Multisort Elektronik sp. z o.o.
Our customers* can download invoices in electronic version and store them in their sales history tab in the customer panel page on the TME website.
  * The service is only available to customers served by Transfer Multisort Elektronik sp. z o.o.
Extensive product information page
All important information on products is available in one place. Additionally, at the “INFO” page you can find related products and also search for similar products upon providing parameter values.
Product Comparison Tool
TME’s Product Comparison Tool allows you to compare technical parameters of different products. Using it, you can easily check the differences between particular products, and you don’t have to browse each of them separately anymore.
Invoices in PDF format
Our customers now have the option of downloading invoices as PDF files from the Sales history tab.


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