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TEKON test probes from TK18LED, TK20LED and TEKOFLEX series

TEKON test probes from TK18LED, TK20LED and TEKOFLEX series

Several series of specialised TEKON test probes have been introduced into TME’s offer:

Test probes (TK18LED and TK20LED series) for LEDs are designed to transfer light signal from light-emitting diodes to a measuring device. Thanks to the appropriately strong springs, the probes are fitted to diodes perfectly, which guarantees stable performance and eliminates light scattering. The light signal is transferred by a plastic optical fibre (POF), which is polished on its both ends and attached to the test probe. This kind of design limits operator’s work to plugging a test probe to a measuring device. Replacement of the probe is very easy since it is plumbed in a special socket.

The TEKOFLEX series employs four-wire sensing (also known as Kelvin sensing), in which the electrical resistance of the measuring point between a test probe and a measuring point is compensated. This stems from the fact that the contact between the test probe and the examined device is obtained with two separate contactors. The first one is used in order to transfer energy to the tested object, the second is used for voltage drop reading. This method is applied when measurement of very small resistances is required.

There are two TEKOFLEX versions offered by TME depending on the measurement requirements:
TEKOFLEX TF07 – TF16, for smaller, rounded or flat elements
TEKOFLEX TF20 – TF63, for wider, flat elements

The benefits from using TEKOFLEX systems:

  • User-friendly four-wire sensing
  • Easy installation
  • Low resistance of the contactor
  • Long mating cycle (minimum 300 000 readings)
  • High amperage (up to 40A)

We encourage you to take a look at our full offer of TEKON test probes.


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