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New Ethertronics/AVX antennas

New Ethertronics/AVX antennaslogo Ethertronics/AVX
TME now offers antennas manufactured by ETHERTRONICS/AVX, previously known as Ethertronics.

With growing consumer and engineer demand, the manufacturer has improved the production technology. That way, it was possible to boost the parameters while reducing the size of the antenna. ETHERTRONICS/AVX antennas are a perfect solution for applications where small dimensions are required while maintaining the best parameters.

Example applications:

  • mobile devices,
  • Access Point,
  • OBD-II,
  • Tracking,
  • Smart Grid,
  • Smart Home,
  • Wearables.

ETHERTRONICS/AVX ceramic antennas available at TME support the following standards:

  • Data transmission

WIFI/Bluetooth/ Zigbee 2.4GHz including dual band antennas 2.4GHz and 5GHz;

  • Sat nav

GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / Galileo;

  • ISM communication

868 MHz and 915 MHz.

TME also offers flexible LTE 1002289 antennas for installation inside the device. It supports all the world's cellular bands for LTE with backward compatibility.

Symbol Description
1000418 Antenna; Bluetooth,WiFi,ZigBee; 4dBi; linear; 45x11,3x5,1mm
1002289 Antenna; LTE; linear; ribbon cable mounting; 50Ω; 53,6x25,1x0,2mm;
M310220 Antenna; Bluetooth,WiFi,ZigBee; 1,7dBi; linear; Mounting: SMD
M830120 Antenna; BEIDOU,GLONASS,GNSS,GPS,Galileo; 1,92dBi; Mounting: SMD
M830520 Antenna; Bluetooth,WiFi,ZigBee; 1dBi; linear; Mounting: SMD
M620720 Antenna; ISM; 0,75dBi; linear; Mounting: SMD; 863÷870MHz,902÷928MHz
M310220-01 Expansion board; Bluetooth,WiFi,ZigBee; 1,7dBi; linear
M620720-01 Expansion board; ISM; 0,75dBi; linear; 100x40x50mm
M830120-01 Expansion board; BEIDOU,GLONASS,GNSS,GPS,Galileo; 1,92dBi
M830520-01 Expansion board; Bluetooth,WiFi,ZigBee; 1dBi; linear


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